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Brief Bio

Dr. Lyssa Menard is a practicing Clinical Health Psychologist, Business Coach, and Assistant Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Science at Northwestern University.

She specializes in empowering motivated business owners, executives, and other high-achievers to work, live, love, feel, and look better by taking charge of their stressors, anxiety, weight, and mood. Under her care, overwhelmed, overcommitted, or overweight high achievers learn to get unstuck, take control, and regain “flow.”

The Whole Nine Yards

Dr. Lyssa Menard was dubbed the “Weight & Wellness Guru” during a network news appearance – a description that captures her essence.  More recently, she has also been referred to as the “CEO Whisperer.” An open and honest, no-holds-barred problem solver, her highest values are learning, teaching, and sharing the knowledge to transform overwhelm into wellness.

Known for her expertise in the personal and professional change management challenges facing executives and business owners, she has been invited to address the American Psychological Association and many companies throughout the U.S. Lyssa has been quoted in the New York Times, the Chicago TribunePrevention MagazineWebMDCareerBuilder and many other prominent publications. She has appeared on CNNNBC News, and ABC News.

As an adjunct to her practice in clinical psychology, Lyssa founded the global firm Strategies for Change, LLC ten years ago, to address the operational, health, and wellness needs of high-level executives and business owners who were not being well-served through traditional psychotherapy or business coaching. Leaders and doers, movers and shakers, face specific challenges and want to achieve professional success without sacrificing those things that make their lives meaningful and fulfilling. Lyssa’s programs are designed to meet those unique needs.

With well over 20 years experience, Lyssa is dedicated to working with high achievers who feel successful in some aspects of their lives, but stuck in others. Since 2003, Lyssa has provided individual and group business coaching, with an emphasis on enabling executives and business owners to stop spinning their wheels, get unstuck, and succeed in their business while protecting their most important personal goals.

Lyssa coaches executives on issues related to career planning and advancement, leadership, work/life conflict, negotiating and implementing flexible schedules, business development, and effective communication, as well as job and career transitions. She has coached hundreds of executives throughout the world at varying levels of experience and seniority, in companies of every size. Her email newsletter, “Tidbits – Juicy Nuggets to Increase Your Wellness Instead of Your Waistline,” has been reprinted by print and electronic publications throughout the world.

After receiving her PhD in Clinical Psychology, researching stress and health at Stanford University, University of California, and the National Center for PTSD, she went on to a fellowship at University of Chicago. She is currently an Assistant Professor of Behavioral Science at Northwestern University.

When Lyssa is not working, she enjoys biking, swimming, kickboxing and other athletic endeavors, writes and performs music, worships the sun, reads everything that isn’t nailed down, travels worldwide and connects with friends and family.


Strategies for Change is a multifaceted business that provides coaching, consultation, and behavioral change services. With offices in Chicago, the company is really a “citizen of the world,” connecting with international clients through Skype, Facetime, and Webinars.