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I thought I was having a heart attack or losing my mind, but my doc says it was a Panic Attack. Can this really help me?

The short answer: Absolutely.

The long answer: Physical symptoms of panic and heart attack are indistinguishable – even to the experts, if they’re given no additional information! So, you definitely did the right thing by getting yourself checked out by your MD. The symptoms are similar because the mind and the body are deeply connected. When you’re experiencing a Panic Attack or milder panic, anxiety, or stress, what’s going on in your head manifests in physical symptoms. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is the most effective treatment for all these issues, because you’ll learn to change your thoughts and your physical reactions. When we add Mindfulness and other techniques to the mix, you’ll have all the tools needed for success.

I’m totally overwhelmed and stressed out, but that’s because I’ve got a lot going on. And I don’t want to (or can’t) give up any of my activities or obligations. So, this can’t help, can it?

The short answer: Oh, yes it can!

The long answer: Frankly, I only work with people who have very fully (and often overflowing) lives. We may be able to surprise you by streamlining in ways you haven’t thought of on your own. Even if we can’t, it’s honestly all about attitude – and that, we can change. Studies show that it isn’t stress that’s the health risk. It’s your appraisal of the stress. Which is, essentially, what you say to yourself about the stress. Perfect target for CBT.


I’ve always been anxious.  Can I really change?

The short answer: Yup. If you’re committed.

The long answer: Maybe it’s caused by nature – the biology you inherited from your parents. Maybe it’s caused by nurture – the habits you learned from your family or friends (or by spending to much of your time stapled to your smart phone!). Maybe both. Either way, living in a continual state of anxiety now seems to be the norm. So, it’s critical that you at least learn to manage it. If you want to change this, you can by applying the right tools and developing a useful skill set. That’s where our work comes in. I won’t kid you: it takes effort. But it is so worthwhile!

Will this turn me into a slacker? I like being the “can-do” go-to person, at home and at work.

The short answer: No way!

The long answer: Our goals are totally aligned. You want to feel great, perform at your peak, and live your life fully.  That’s what I want for you.  In fact, you’ll probably find that you’ll have some extra relaxation time without giving up anything that matters. You’ll be more efficient and effective when you spend less time and energy dealing with anxiety, overwhelm, worry, weight, or depression. Think how productive you’ll be when you’re feeling grounded and calm, focused, and decisive.


I know this stuff already. Why would this help, when nothing else has?

“To know and not to do is not to know”
 – Stephen Covey

The short answer: There are no guarantees. But I’ll help you use the stuff you know and teach you new stuff that has as good (or better) chance of helping. If you do the work, it will help.

The long answer: Enough said about knowing and not doing. Let’s get you doing those things that you “know” – maybe by helping you learn the “how” instead of just the “what.” 

How do I know it will work? Plain and simple: because it will make sense to you. You might find it hard to believe that anything will work for you. The belief will come over time as you develop the skills we discuss. Belief in your ability to change is critical to the change process. To say that another way: if you don’t come to believe that you’re capable of changing these aspects of your life, you will NEVER be able to sustain any changes – even if you can make strides forward. Part of my goal is to create a space for belief – a belief based on skill and understanding rather than some delusional formula or impossible, “fast & easy” plan.

I don’t have the time or money for this. Isn’t there an easier, quicker way?

The short answer: Not that I know of, but I am working on the patent for my nifty magic wand.

The long answer: You tell me. How much time have you invested already, in methods that don’t (and can’t work)? And if you stay stuck with this problem, how much will that cost you in time, money, health, & well-being? Can  you really afford to lose more of your life to this problem?


How can I tell if I’m ready?

The short answer: Ummm, there is really no short answer for this one.

The long answer: That’s one of the first things we’ll address in our work. It’s extremely important to identify your readiness for change. Trying to change when you’re not ready just leads to disappointment.

But let’s say you’re contemplating change, but don’t know if you’re ready. I can help you set your expectations appropriately. And we’ll inch you closer to readiness by preparing you for change.

That would have at least three benefits. First, if you do ever feel ready to get this monkey off your back, you will have learned exactly what actions you’ll need to take. Second, research has shown that there’s no better way to move from disinterest to engaged than educating yourself on the topic. Third, the skills you’ll learn are applicable to many, many aspects of your life.


Will we be a good fit?

The short answer: We’ll figure that out within a couple of sessions.

The long answer: Here’s a quick self-assessment:

Do you want to feel better and improve your quality of life?

Are you open to learning new skills and applying familiar skills in new ways?

Are you willing to attend weekly sessions and do some work in-between?

Are you a person who takes action in other aspects of your life?

Are you ok with direct feedback and working collaboratively?

If you’ve answered “Yes” to these questions, we’ll probably be a great fit!


So, how can I set up an appointment?

Here’s 3 ways to connect with me, so we can get started…..

1) Call me today at  (312) 404-9539

2)  Email me at [email protected]

3)  Contact me right here (let’s make this easy):


I make it a priority return emails and phone calls within 48 hours. I look forward to hearing from you and hearing your story.