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Working Toward Wellness…

Are you overwhelmed, overweight, or overcommitted?

Would you like to enjoy your life as well as your work without jeopardizing your professional success?

Does the idea of stress management sound silly, though you secretly hope and pray it’s possible?

Does work-life balance seem important and doable for everyone but you?

Do you feel like a failure despite all your successes because you can’t manage your weight or your stress level or both?

You’ve come to the right place. At Strategies for Change you’ll find more than just warmth, moral support, and insight. You’ll find…well…actual strategies for change that help you create the life you want, starting now.

The Problem: We all get stuck and need some guidance and accountability to take action. Being the successful problem-solver you are, however, your stuckness leads to suffering and shame because you believe that “this shouldn’t be happening” to you. My guess is that you don’t discuss these issues – even with close friends – because the problem, the lack of a solution, or both feels too embarrassing to share.

The Truth: Your successes in life aren’t accidents, right? You worked hard. You learned and practiced skills that, at some point, you lacked. You worked smart. You sought out the best guides you could find (teachers, trainers, mentors, bosses, etc.). You embodied the skills and wisdom you accumulated. That’s what made you who are, in all the ways you can point to with pride. It was no accident. And you didn’t do it alone.

The Solution: It’s simple, really…use “The Truth” (above) about your earlier successes to turn STUCK to SOLVED. If there’s bad news, it’s that “simple” is not the same as “easy.” It’s nearly impossible to break free of whatever is holding you back without top-notch guidance and training with new tools, skills, and…well…strategies for change. So…

If  you’re a successful executive, a sassy solopreneur,  or a busy business owner

If  you’re a Woman On the Verge – a high achiever nearing the top of your game…

Strategies for Change is the answer: Dr. Menard is the rare combination of  executive coach, business consultant, and behavioral health psychologist.  She understands the wide range of your challenges and offers a package of synthesized solutions. Because of this her clients wind up with more time, health, and happiness as well as a business that rocks!


Dr. Menard’s Weight Loss History and Treatment Approach

I’ve taken my own 50 pound weight loss journey and managed to keep it off for over 10 years. But my most meaningful achievement has been helping hundreds of others on their own journey to do the same. I founded the global firm, Strategies for Change, to address the health and wellness needs of  executives,  entrepreneurs, and high achievers who were not being well-served through traditional psychotherapy or medical treatments. Leaders and doers, movers and shakers, have specific challenges with weight management, and my program is designed to meet those unique needs.

With well over 20 years experience, I am dedicated to working with women – and men – who are at the top of their game in their careers and feel successful in their lives, but just can’t manage to lose weight and keep it off.

I can’t perform miracles, and the truth is that there’s no magic bullet, but my Strategic Change System lays out the game plan for change. My focus is on managing weight loss, maintenance, stress, and anxiety to achieve optimum physical and mental health.