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Are you feeling stressed out?
Burned out?
Overwhelmed or anxious?

There is nothing “wrong” with you!

You’re not alone and there is a solution…

We can turn things around and get you feeling great.

You’ve achieved so much in business, and that’s no accident. You’re driven with a powerful work ethic. A successful go-getter. A master problem-solver. You’re able to make things happen and meet everyone’s needs…except your own.

And here you are, feeling stressed, down, and discouraged. Wondering where things went wrong.

Do any of these struggles sound familiar? Are you…

  • Having panic or anxiety attacks that “come out of the blue”?
  • Feeling stressed out or burned out from overcommitment or dissatisfaction with your work or personal life?
  • So overwhelmed that it’s sometimes hard to think clearly or take action?
  • Feeling anxious about something specific (like public speaking, social interactions, or flying)?
  • Spending a lot of time worrying about problems you can’t solve?
  • Eating, drinking, or spending too much to manage your anxiety?

If you feel that any of these issues have taken over your life, you’re probably longing to get back to your “old self.”

We can work together to relieve your anxiety, stress, and overwhelm.

With Therapy combining CBT, Wellness Coaching, Mindfulness training, and even meditation (if you’re interested), we can transform your struggles into a life of joy. These are some benefits of therapy that could significantly improve your life. Our work together can take you from:

  • overwhelmed and panicked to grounded and calm
  • self-critical to self-confident
  • confused or foggy to clear headed and decisive
  • overcommited to assertive 
  • worried to master of action
  • coping with food and alchohol to using healthy tools to manage feelings

You can be happy and healthy, fully present and fulfilled.

Take a stand for your own well-being.

Some people still hold the belief that asking for help signifies weakness and that therapy is reserved for those who are in severe emotional trouble. I can’t wait to show you that those thoughts are out-dated and just plain wrong! It takes strength and courage to ask for help when you’re struggling. And calling on an expert shows how brilliant you really are.

If your iphone was broken, you’d bring it to a “genius” immediately for repair. You deserve to be treated at least as well as your technology when your wiring hits a snag!

You’re struggling right now, and that’s always painful. But here’s the silver lining: the pain you’re feeling is generating the motivation you need to take action and get where you want to go. Pain inspires powerful results.

I’m a Chicago Psychologist specializing in stress and anxiety.
I’m here to help.

I work locally and globally to help business owners, executives, and other high achievers reach their full potential. I’d be honored to help you find the answer to your anxiety, the solution to your stress, and the power behind your panic.