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Getting Unstuck

At Strategies for Change, we are, admittedly, obsessed with change – the necessity of it, the struggle against it, and the lack of training in navigating it.

We have a vision of empowered change, in which the world is filled with skilled change agents, willing and able to improve their personal circumstances, create action-based communities, and generate a society with the tools to negotiate conflicts by bending to meet the needs of all. What a world that would be!

Our mission is to eradicate the shame of stuckness and empower every individual with the tools to change as needed. In other words, we’d like to help everyone stop spinning their wheels and get unstuck…now.


It’s not a 4 letter word!

No way around it, life is full of change and change can be full of challenge. The process can feel like it’s taking forever and costing a fortune. It can also be painful, lonely and stressful. But once you have the playbook – once you learn the strategies for change and how to apply them – you can efficiently and effectively move your business and your life forward to attain your goals.

At Strategies for Change, we provide best management practices for your  health and your life – a change GPS, if you will, for every aspect of your existence.


Feels like a 4 letter word!

Every executive, every business owner, every high achiever reaching for the stars, at some point feels stuck and has to decide whether or not to do the hard work of getting unstuck. You’re in good company! Whatever is holding you back, if you want to shake loose from its hold, you must learn the tools to generate change. This can be viewed as a choice you’d make to hold yourself accountable.

Transformation requires the worthy work of showing up as your best self every day, taking ownership of your challenges, and choosing to make a lasting positive impact! Transformation requires vision, inspiration, and practical strategies. And it requires the right guidance to discover the right roadmap to make the right changes.


Feels like freedom!

This may mean taking a new look at your habits and assumptions to break free of overwhelm and overcommitment. Or it may require modifying your work-life integration, how you interact with your social network and family, or coming up with creative solutions to make more room in your life for a life!


There are several ways to work with us if you’d like to break the chains and find your freedom. Check out:

Individual Psychotherapy

Weight & Wellness Coaching

and the 6-week course: The 28-Day Unstuck Jumpstart