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When I started working with Lyssa, I felt like I was carrying the weight of the world – constantly putting my needs on hold to take care of everyone else and feeling like a prisoner of my business. I knew I had to find balance so I could have a life, but really didn’t know how and didn’t think it was possible. I was feeling totally overwhelmed and out of control. My business was skyrocketing, but I was caving under the pressure of success.

I can’t believe the corner my life’s turned since then. Lyssa takes a two pronged approach that’s incredibly effective. We worked on my mindset, and I’ve learned how and when to set boundaries, delegate, and ask for help when I need it. At the same time, we’ve put management systems into place that have turned my company into a well oiled machine. My customers are happy, my employees are motivated and committed, and, best of all, I’m taking time for myself because I finally have some time. I’m finally enjoying owning my own business. This is the life I dreamed of when I got started.

I couldn’t be more grateful and I’d recommend Strategies for Change to anyone who’s committed to succeeding in their business and also having a life. When Lyssa says, “have a rockin’ business and a lifestyle you love” she isn’t kidding!